Jul 26, 2011

Sparrow me the drama.

After seeing R29's nail art video, I tried it out on some preexisting chipped nails.

The only difference is...

(other than the fact that how gross my nail biting, chipped nail polish  and fingers look)

I used liquid eyeliner!
And it worked just as brilliantly as nail art pens.
The nail color is OPI's Keys to my Karma
The orange spots is with one of those Rimmel's 60 sec nail polish

I tried them out for a day, and it was amazing!
Of course as long as you put on a top coat, the liner stayed on
Also, the liner has to be waterproof!
I picked it up for a dollar at Target.
I recommend it (for nails)!

I took off the nail polish because it looked tacky with it all chipped and 
used OPI's Sparrow me the drama. 
One of favorite names that they've come up with.
Coming up with names must be the best job ever.
Hands down.

I put a stroke on pinky and then added some more
and I guess it turned out like a half assed zebra print.
Whatever, I'll take it.

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